Biking in Nepal - 2011
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Rice harvest Pots Carvings Diyas
Faces Man Kama Sutra carving Thanka painting

These are photos from our October 2011 trip to Nepal.

We visited the south of Nepal - looping around from Kathmandu, via the Chitwan national park close to the Indian border, then heading north to Pokhara - close to the Annapurna range.

Below.. harvesting rice

Rice harvest

We stopped in Bhaktapur- the old capital of Nepal Pots

Carvings Lots of finely carved teak on the buildings.

Diyas - little saucers for oil candles Diyas


Man Behind this man is the 15C Pashupati temple, notable for the 24 Kama Sutra carvings around the sides..

..including the famous "while she's washing her hair" position Kama Sutra carving

Thanka painting A Lama Thanka painting school

(Thankas are paintings used in religious indoctrination)

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