Barbados - November 2013
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Snowman East coast beach Green sea turtle Green sea turtle
Green sea turtle Harrison's caves Submarine Submarine

...continued from St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This is sunny Barbados - and a snowman in our hotel. Snowman

East coast beach We did a quick tour of the island - stopping here at a beach on the east coast.

The east side of the island faces the rough waters of the Atlantic and it's not safe for swimming.

But on the Caribbean side of the island there are lots of nice beaches and it's possible to find turtles in the water Green sea turtle

Green sea turtle This is a green sea turtle.

Green sea turtle

We visited Harrison's cave in the centre of the island.

It's one of the main tourist attractions on the island, but it's very over-hyped and the caves themselves are rather underwhelming

The whole experience is very Disneyfied - you're taken around on an electric tram with a cheesy commentary.
Harrison's caves

Submarine This is the Atlantis III - a 20m, 72t submarine.

We descended in it to 45m below the surface.

Here's Shusheel viewing a wreck on the seabed.

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