Alaska, USA - 2012
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Shusheel Moose Simon, muddy Shusheel
Park Bus Cabin Mining claim Hatcher Pass road

Alaska's a big place - as wide as the lower 48 states (including the Aleutian islands) and more than twice the size of Texas.

We were exploring on bicycle, starting at Denali National Park, 250m north of Anchorage. The Glenn Highway then took us east to Valdez.
We returned via Prince William Sound to Seward on the Kenai peninsula to see the fjords.

Unfortunately, the weather at the start of trip wasn't so good - the clouds obscured the views we were hoping for of Mt McKinley (North America's highest peak, at 20,000') Shusheel

Moose We did, however, spot this moose and calf - before we'd even left the car park.

The rain made the dirt tracks within the park rather muddy and slow going. Simon, muddy

Shusheel ..but this is "Alaskan weather", not "bad weather", and clear skies over Mt McKinley are very rare.

There's just one road into the park, and it's closed to private cars.

We made it 35 miles in and then took one of the park buses out.
Park Bus

Cabin Shusheel at our cabin, just outside the park.

Leaving Denali, we cycled alongside the Little Susitna River up the Hatcher Pass road.
We were there in early June and the pass wasn't scheduled to open until July (Alaskan summers are quite short), but that meant that the road had little traffic on it.

There are a lot of claims, like this one, for mining in the area. The placer claims allow for mining (for gold) on public lands. The price was set in 1872 at between $2.50 and $5.00 an acre, and has remained the same since.
Mining claim

Hatcher Pass road

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