The Gambia - 2011
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Map Christmas Shusheel Simon
Fish Fish Boats Fishing

We spent the Christmas/new year period exploring the Gambia.

The Gambia is the smallest country on the continent. Its strange shape was apparently agreed by the British, being the extent of territory that could be defended by cannon on ships on the river.

Christmas We stayed initially at the Farakunku Lodge - small, isolated and very pleasant - about 20km south of the main coastal resort area.
We found a nice little place on the nearby beach for our Christmas lunch

..and we cycled up as far as Tanji - a fishing village Shusheel


Fish Fish laid out on tables to dry


Traditional Gambian fishing boats

Fishing We tried a bit of sea fishing - it's quite easy around these parts and we caught a good selection of fish, including an angel fish, catfish, and butterfish, unfortunately nothing very large.

I don't think our skipper was very impressed - he gave/sold our fish when we got back without even asking if we wanted them!

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